SHIROSKY ; Talks New ‘La Lecture Album’ , KR Trap Wave & How To Say Her Name Correctly.



I’ve always been a  fan of acts like flying lotus, RJD2 and other instrumental hip hop artists. So naturally when i stumbled across parts of the ‘The Orbit’ album on a Sunday Lastfm music spree . i was delighted at what i heard. Her production merges Jazz , pop and Hip-Hop  in an elegant time honoured fashion, calling in help from MYK and the crew for vocals when it seems fitting. With  new album  ‘La Lecture’ having dropped earlier this month and her accompanying M/V’s blowing up 1theK we went for a catch up with the charming and mysterious Shirosky .

Interview (English & Korean)

Lex: Wassup , welcome to Lex’s Asian Rap World. Firstly ,  how did you come up with your name ?

Shirosky: My real name is “Hayan Yun” and Hayan means Color “white” .So, In Japanese Class, my nick name was “Shiro(Japanese)” means Color white”I was searching for name that can pronounce easily, So I Choose “Shiro” And added “Sky” That was my Favorite word. So When you call me, Please Call me “Shiro + SKY(Shiro Skai)” not Shiroski =

Lex: One thing that struck me about Seoul is that Jazz seems to be played everywhere. Your sound embodies that ambiance well.

Where abouts did you grow up and what artists shaped your development musically?

Shirosky: I’ve lived in Seoul,  Itawon for a long time, There is a center in seoul and there are a lot of foreigners.So I got a chance to experience a lot of music, cultures etc. The view of Mt.Namsan, Han River from my town is really fantastic.I think, all about my town is the material of my music.

My favorite musician in korea is pe2ny who is hip hop producer, I have been influenced by him, fortunately for me, he helped me to release my first debut album “The orbit” he has been my best mentor from old times.

Lex: How did you come to be a Jazz Hip Hop producer? How do you feel about the rise of newer styles of hip hop such as trap that influence artists like as Dok2 and The Cohort?

Shirosky: While i was playing the piano, mixing sounds that i like, I became a Jazz Hip-Hop producer naturally.  I never limited my genre. Infact, I love trap and Southern Hip-Hop also. As you know, it wasn’t a popular subgenre before, but now it’s the hot culture. So whenever I listen to them I feel excited , because it means that nowadays Koreans can accept new or fresh genres of hip-hop. I think this is an improvement for K-hiphop. K-hiphop will have more variety and I will try to study various elements in my music.

Lex: What’s the idea behind the album name ‘la lecture’ ?

Shirosky: I got inspiration from renoir’s ‘La lecture’. I really love renoir because he drew his pictures with a happy energy even though he had a tough life. I want to make music that makes people happy like he did, wherever I am.  So I tried to capture happy energy that i can express as soon as possible in [La lecture]. My album [La lecture] is dedicated to him.

Lex:  What’s your favourite track on the album ?

Shirosky: I am listening to Tie-dye, Empyrean, V repeatedly.but my most Meaningful track is ‘I’ll remember April’ I got inspiration from my friend who I Run with almost every morning.. I think that track is so lovely and best suited for my album [La lecture].


Lex: How did you and MYK meet? How did making a collab album differ from making a solo one?

Shirosky: MYK has helped me since my debut, We got to know each other through pe2ny.When we made ‘Empyrean’, We just worked like before and made the collaboration album ‘adaptation. I gave beats that fit him, and he made melodies and lyrics accordingly.

Lex: I’ve not noticed you don’t tend to be in front of the camera very much. Is it because you prefer to let the music speak for itself?

Shirosky:Nono, I was shy at first .. but now i am okay.  I’m getting used to it now

Lex:  Your videos are highly captivating. What are the concepts behind each the  1.Empyrean / 2.Rainboots / 3.from earth / 4.i’ll remember april and 5.Tie dye Music videos for the album?

Shirosky: Music video team(Block Heads Lab) and I focussed on ‘naturalness’. So my music video features my friends(not model because renoir drew people around him instead of a professional model), in my friend’s place (coffee shop, boxing stage..etc).We tried to express  ‘naturalness’ and ‘real life’ in the M/V. Block Heads Lab  is so fantastic and ‘Tie dye’ was made by students in daegu university. I also really love ‘Tie dye’ .

Empyrean : Young men life

Rain boots : Sad love

From earth : Mystery door

I’ll remember april : Shirosky’s life with my friends

Tie dye : Emptiness Behind Splendor

Lex: How do you feel about the recent attention Korean hip hop got abroad following the release of Keith Ape’s viral video  It G Ma?


Shirosky: Keith Ape is so fantastic, even though ‘It G Ma’ had korean lyrics, it received acceptance by listeners all over the world. i think, it means now Overseas fans can receive good various music no matter what a musician’s nationality rather call it ‘keith ape’s effect’

Lex:  Do you consider appealing to a  western audience when you create music? Where abroad would you like to perform?

Shirosky:Since my debut, I’ve got so much feedback from Western fans, naturally, I was influenced by them, and I communicate with them. Especially, I have a fans from United kingdom(adaptation was released in U.K) and France. I want to go there to greet them!

Lex: Do you ever feel disadvantaged being a female in such a male dominated genre?

Shirosky:Not at all =)

Lex: Is instrumental Hip Hop becoming more popular?

Shirosky:Instrumental hiphop music belongs to a fringe group in the Korean music scene.But it is evolving with local culture more than it used to be.I think it will be more popular soon but it’s okay if not.

Lex: How positive do you feel shows such as Show me the Money 4 & Unpretty Rapstar 2 are for the development of Korean Hip Hop?

Shirosky:I feel thankful because it creates an opportunity for underground rappers who didn’t have the opportunity to appear on stage. and personally, I think that those programs affect korean hiphop’s generational shift.

Some people say that that these programs standardize k-hip hop scene “Trap, Diss culture..” but I don’t care about it because Korean musicians and Fans will find another way soon.

Lex: Who are your all time musical heroes?

Shirosky:Pe2ny, Kanno Yoke, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Nujabe

Lex: What Korean  artists are you listening to at the moment?

Shirosky:  I am listening to Shinee’s Music. I think they have not only popularity but also a  great artistic value.

Lex: What international acts are you listening ?

Shirosky: I am digging animation OST, I love Kanno Yoke who is Japanese. I often listen OST “Zankyou no Terror.”

Lex: Where can we buy your album?

Shirosky: This album, I am direct selling my new physical CD in South Korea, if you want to purchase it, please send me a DM on (Facebook, instagram,  twitter etc.) =) and you can download the digital album [la lecture] from my bandcamp

It’s the same mastered files with physical CD(15 tracks)

Lex: Whats next for Shirosky?

Shirosky: While I am doing activity with my la lecture album, I will be on stages,  djing, and making new tracks for musicians who joined  me through out this album. I want to show fans something positive and interesting.

Lex: Thank You , Shirosky.

Scroll down to check out the latest M/V’s.
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이름은 어떻게 지으신 건가요?

제 본명은 윤하얀이고, 하얀은 하얀색을 뜻합니다.

그래서 일본어 수업에서 제 별명은 시로였어요. 시로는 일본어로 하얀색이죠!^^

마침 저는 발음하기 쉬운 이름을 찾고 있었기때문에 Shiro를 선택했고, 거기에 제가 제일 좋아하는 단어인 SKY를 붙였어요.

저는 시로스키가 아니라, 시로스카이라고 발음해주셔야합니다.

서울에 대해 한 가지 놀란 점은 도시 어디를 가나 재즈가 흐르는 것 같다는 것입니다. 당신의 음악은 그 분위기를 잘 담아내고 있습니다.

당신은 어디에서 성장했으며 어떤 음악가가 당신의 음악적 형상을 발전시켜 주었나요?

저는 오래도록 서울 이태원에서 살고있어요. 이태원은 서울의 중심이기도 하고 외국인들이 많아서 다양한 문화와 음악을 듣고 체험할 기회가 많았어요.

우리동네에서 보는 한강과 남산은 정말 환상적이기도 해요. 저는 정말 저희 동네 모든 것이 제 음악의 재료라고 생각해요.

제가 제일 한국에서 좋아하는 뮤지션은 프로듀서 페니인데, 저는 제가 어릴적 이 동네로 이사올때부터 그에게 영향을 많이 받았어요.

운이 좋게도 제 데뷔 앨범을 제작해주시기도 하셨고요. 지금도 제가 제일 따르는 멘토이기도 해요.

어떻게 재즈 힙합 프로듀서가 되었나요? 도끼, 씨잼, 더 코홀트와 같은 음악가들에게 영향을 준 트랩 등의 새로운 힙합 스타일의 부상에 대해 어떻게 생각하시나요?

재즈힙합 프로듀서가 꼭 되어야지라고 음악을 만든 것은 아닌데, 내가 좋아하는 사운드를 섞고 자유롭게 만들다보니 자연스럽게 재즈힙합의 범주로 들어온 것 같아요.

트랩도 사우스 계열 힙합도 정말 많이 좋아하고, 들으면 속이 시원해지는 걸 느끼는데. 새로운 힙합 스타일이 떠오르고 또 바뀌고 하는 걸 보니, 한국 힙합도 많이 발전한 것 같아서 참 기분이 좋아요. ㅎㅎ 언젠가 그런 스타일의 요소도 내가 만드는 재즈힙합에 섞어 보고 싶어요.

앨범 이름 ‘La lecture’ 이면에는 어떤 사연이 있나요?

르느와르가 비교적 행복한 시절에 그렸던 작품인 책 읽는 소녀라는 작품을 모티프로 두었는데, 저에게 2015년이 그랬어요.

마음껏 음악을 할 수 있어서 즐거운 시간이었거든요. 제가 표현할 수 있는 최고의 행복과 아름다움을 앨범에 담아보고 싶었어요.

르느와르를 존경하는 이유는, 그의 삶이 평탄하지 않았는데도 불구하고 행복한 에너지를 주는 그림을 그렸다는 건데-

저도 어떠한 모습으로 살건 좋은 에너지를 대중들에게 주고 싶어요. 그래서 그에게 바치는 이 앨범을 만들게 된거지요!

이 앨범에서 가장 마음에 드는 트랙은 무엇입니까?

Tie-dye, Empyrean을 가장 많이 듣는편이긴 하지만

함께 달리기를 하는 동네 친구에게 영감을 받아 만든 I’ll remember april이라는 트랙이 제겐 가장 의미가 깊어요.

사랑스러운 느낌이 있고, 이번 앨범의 컨셉과도 가장 잘 맞는것같아서.

MYK와는 어떻게 만나셨나요? 콜라보레이션 앨범은 솔로 앨범과 어떤 식으로 다르게 만드셨나요?

MYK는 데뷔때부터 제게 도움을 주셨던 분이세요. 페니오빠의 소개로 알게 되었죠!

콜라보레이션과 솔로앨범의 작업방식은 특별히 다른건 없었어요. 그냥 제가 오빠에게 맞는 비트를 주면, 오빠가 그에 맞게 가사나 멜로디를 만들어와서 붙여주시는 방식이었죠.

저는 당신이 카메라 앞에 서는 것을 꺼려한다는 것을 몰랐습니다. 음악 자체로 말하는 것을 더 선호하기 때문인가요?

꺼려하지 않아요.^^ 처음에는 부끄러움을 많이 타서 그런거였는데, 이제는 많이 익숙해지고있어요. ^^

당신의 뮤직 비디오는 매우 매혹적입니다. 앨범 트랙 1.Empyrean / 2.Rainboots / 3.from earth / 4.i’ll remember april 그리고 5.Tie dye 뮤직 비디오의 콘셉트는 무엇인가요?

뮤직비디오 팀과 상의했던것은 ‘자연스러움’에 있었어요. 각기 앨범 자체에 맞는 한국의 젊은이들의 소재들을 표현하되, 가급적 편집을 배제하고 ‘자연스럽게 가자’라는 것에 있었어요. 전문모델대신 주위 인물들을 모델로 사용했던 르느와르의 작법을 따라서, 저희도 그렇게 표현하려고 굉장히 많은 노력을 했고 실제로도 저희 친구들과 그들이 머무는 친구들의 장소(커피샵, 복싱장)들이 모두 등장하고 있어요. 블락헤즈랩이라는 팀인데, 정말 유능하고 멋지다고 생각해요.

Empyrean : young men life

Rain boots : Sad love

From earth : mystery door

I’ll remember april : Shirosky’s life with my friends

Tie dye : Emptiness behind splendor

키스 에이프의 바이럴 동영상 잊지마(It G Ma) 출시 이후 최근 해외에서 보이는 한국 힙합에 대한 관심에 대해 어떻게 생각하시나요?

키스에이프는 정말 상상초월인것같다. ㅎㅎ 한국어로 만들어졌음에도 불구하고 정말 음악으로 많은 사람들에게 인정받은 것 같아서 대단하다고 생각한다.

그런데 키스에이프의 활약자체가 외국 뮤지션들의 관점을 한국 힙합으로 끌어왔다고 하기보다는, 해외의 팬들이나 뮤지션들이 다양한 음악들을 찾아듣고 국적이 어디에서 왔다고 하더라도 좋은 음악들을 좋아해주는 분위기가 된 것 같다고 나는 생각한다.

음악을 만들 때 서양 팬들에게 어필하는 것도 고려하십니까? 해외에서 공연하고 싶은 나라는 어디입니까?

데뷔때부터 서양팬들에게로부터 받는 피드백이 참 많았다. 당연히 나 또한 그들의 영향을 받았고 많은 교류 또한 하고 있다.

특히 내게는 영국과 (어뎁테이션이 영국에서 발매되었으므로.) 프랑스에서 가장 팬이 많은데, 꼭 가서 인사드리고 싶다.

남성이 장악하고 있는 장르에서 여성으로서 불이익을 느끼신 적이 있나요?

Not at all =)

인스트루멘탈 힙합이 더욱 인기를 끌고 있나요?

아직도 여전히 인스트루멘탈힙합은 비주류 장르이지만, 로컬 문화 사이에서는 예전보다 많이 발전하고 있다.

인스투르멘탈 힙합의 움직임도 분명 살아날 것 이라고 생각한다.

하지만 꼭 그렇지 않다고 해도 나는 괜찮다.

쇼미더머니 4 & 언프리티 랩스타 2와 같은 프로그램이 한국 힙합 발전에 어떤 긍정적인 영향을 미친다고 생각하시나요?

무엇보다도 설 무대가 없었던 랩퍼들에게 무대를 제공해주고

그들이 활약할 수 있는 기회를 만들어준 것에 감사하다.

개인적으로는 그 프로그램들이 힙합의 세대를 젊은 세대층으로 바꾸어주는데에

영향을 주었다고 생각한다. 쇼미더머니가 힙합 장르를 트랩이나 디스 획일화 시켰다는 지적도있지만, 대중들과 우리나라 뮤지션들은 분명 또 다른 길을 찾아낼 거라고

나는 생각해서 크게 우려하지 않는다.

지금껏 당신의 음악적 영웅 누구인가요?

Pe2ny, Kanno yoke, Fantastic plastic machine, nujabes

요즘 한국 음악가들 중 누구의 음악을 듣고 있나요?

샤이니는 정말 다채롭고 수준이 높은데다가 대중성도 있어서 참 좋아한다.

듣고 있는 국제적 음악 작품은 무엇인가요?

최근 애니메이션 OST들을 수집하고 있다. 칸노요코를 좋아하는데,

잔향의 테러라는 애니메이션의 OST를 최근 열심히 듣고있다.

당신의 앨범을 어디서 구입할 수 있나요?

이번 앨범은 직접 판매하고 있어서 내 SNS 계정으로 연락하면 누구든 구입할 수 있다.

피지컬 앨범 구매가 힘들다면 밴드캠프 로 들어오면 15트랙 마스터 파일 그대로를

다운로드 받을 수 있다.

앞으로 시로스카이의 계획은 어떻게


이번 앨범 활동을 하면서, 디제잉으로 공연을 하고, 이번 앨범에 참여해준 피쳐링진들의 음악들을 만들어줄거다. 그 다음엔 새 앨범을 계획할지 아니면 또 다른 프로젝트를 기획할지 아직 확실하지 않지만, 다양하고 재미있는 모습을 팬들에게 많이 보여주고싶다.
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¥a Currency Exchange Show # 1 : Okasian , B-Free & Paloalto


Cult of YA

Let me start of by saying Korean Hip Hop artists visiting London is categorically a rare event, coming around with similar frequency to the FIFA world cup. Though a city renowned for underground music culture , our Korean Diaspora is miniscule in comparison to many U.S and Canadian cities making us appear to be a more “Risky”  date for acts  touring the West. So when it was announced by reputable promotion and clothing brand Cult Of Ya that Okasian & B-free were gonna be performing in Shoreditch , a rapid sell out was no surprise given the growing number of  Hallu Wave adherents in the city.

On arrival at the venue it was clear that the audience for this show would vary from many other hip hop concerts i’ve attended across the ages. The que bristled with excitable chatter from K-pop fan girls, who have eagerly been tracking the duo’s moves on instagram since they arrived in the country. They excitedly handed their phones to each other , showing evidence that the unknown special guest added a week ago was actually SMTM4 Producer and fellow Hi-Lite records member Paloalto. If it wouldn’t have been for support act Macca Wiles and entourage filling the cold East London night with a strong  “Blue Cheese” aroma i could have convinced myself i was waiting in line at a BTS concert. Safe to say i was expecting more lingerie trajectory than gunfingers on this night.

The support acts were almost all London based and possessed a certain ‘TrapStar’ quality. However the show began in earnest when Macca Wiles (yes you’ll be hearing his name alot) took the stage. His slim frame, blonde dreadlocks(Trap guys and their hair, seriously!) and red silk varsity jacket make him a visually striking act. It didn’t take long before he slashed raw energy into the mix and forced the crowd to react to him. At that point the crowd alleviated any worries this would be a vanilla affair as the night burst into full colour with spontaneous moshpits and general bouncer stressing activity. Favourite’s such as “Mr Finesser” and “Chillin” allowed Maccaa to display his particular brand of raucous “Trapboy” revelry.

Towards the close of the Macca set , something unexpected happened, B-Free & Okasian came to say hello early. With security slightly unprepared and a scurry of activity at the front, the crowd and the stage became indistinguishable. Among the chaos a genuine moment of magic happened. The stars were out and the well spirited crowd began to set the energetic tone for the night to come.

Once order had been restored B-free picked up with Green Kawasaki sending the crowd into the trance they’d been waiting. With decisive crowd control he told the baying crowd to chill for a moment as he sent for his donnie. Okasian Half lit , swaggin one gold crucifix earring , waltzed on and IT G MA’ D! Early! … Is it even necessary the explain the scenes that followed. Phone dropping , back shoving , body flinging , near deafening fun. Whilst most  artists hold out on populist banger till the end of the set , the Hi-lite team clearly decided to go the shock and awe route.

Shortly after the song ended , Okasian requested some water. To be fair ,  he had taken to the stage with a bat out of hell fury and the lights could be felt from my spot, When i realised halfway through the following song that nobody was gonna help dude , i felt an obligation as a fellow rapper to hand him a bottle. Ironically my camera was almost doused in my own juices after the Hi-lite star playfully splashed the crowd with the remaining quarter of the bottle. With no malice intended it all added to illustrate the cool intimacy of the venue.

It wasn’t long before underwater rebel (can’t make this stuff up) followed and the compact emcee was transporting across the stage with swift thrashes of his precured hair. Some support acts from the night gathered on stage behind the Hi-lite tag team to lend charismatic support sending the crowd into frenzy at will.Okasian’s voice is remarkably sharp live , especially when bearing in mind that his stage performances have always tended to be quite vigourous. The Cohort member conducted himself with all the swagger i envisaged him with back when i first got the track “helium” on my ipod. Though ,there were moments where a concentration on his vocal delivery rather than impeccable stage presence probably would have benefited the performance. B-free  was very much a no nonsense performer on the night, proudly displaying new tracks that he’d wrote and produced , urging the crowd to vibe with him rather than attempting to sing along. Whilst Okasian certainly felt like the rookie of the moment at times , especially when he called for a second helping of It G Ma before he bought the support acts to spit again , B-free offered an authoritative voice on the ship , ticking off DJ’s if he felt song transitions were too lengthy and generally maintaining good communication with the crowd. B-Free was vocally capable live and offered noticeably more of his new material than any other of the Hi-lite headliners.

At one point B-Free threw out some Kawasaki t-shirts causing a kind of mini chaos to which he reminded the crowd that they were  “just Fucking T-Shirts” It was these kind of honest interactions that made the gig enjoyable. There was also a choice moment when a wasted fan boy tried to get a little too close to Okasian and fair play , B-free not wanting to risk any security issues ordered the culprit be escorted from the venue. Okasian rapidly intervened ordering security to” chill” and give the over a familiar concert goer a second chance. A quick insight into their off stage persona’s?

Having seen Paloalto only last month in Busan at the last date of Show Me The Money 4 Arena Tour it was a privilege to see him in such an intimate setting. The founder has had incredible year with his legendary label being merged with major CJ E&M. B-free introduced him subtly by first introducing the track “My City” and with Paloalto appearing just before his verse was due to start. With B-Free’s assistance Paloalto offered a more mature feel to proceedings on his opening track. Delivering verses with experienced comfort he demonstrated his seniority effortlessly.

After the performance section of these evening all artists hung around for the afterparty. Artists quietly entered the the smoking area among fans , posed for selfies and joined in general conversation when it seemed fitting. The atmosphere was fairly easy going at the after party , where fans had the opportunity to meet the artists. It must be said though that Paloalto went out his way to please fans, even jumping behind the decks to keep the party going into the early morning.

Overall it was a great night. A true chance to see Seoul’s finest on UK soil as well as a chance for a new generation of Korean artists to see that London is a viable tour location nowadays, With  rumors of a visit from another big KR label early next year, the event felt like a milestone. As the Korean , British , French Mc’s set the crowd alight with their shared biggiesque “party and bullshit” aura and Cartoon and computer game references they have accidently made a comment on unimportance of language in the new trap subgenre where cadence trumps content. Hi – lite gave the city an overdue Korean Hip Hop dose whilst providing a platform for local  acts in a similar lane. This kind of multi-national hip-hop exposure can only aid the UK’s understanding of where it belongs in this crazy hip hop Universe. Long Live Currency Exchange.