L.A.R.W INTRODUCING : Kooky (Wayside Town )

Click play to listen to latest release ‘Gift Vol.1’  as you read.


Download Gift Vol.1  : http://www.mediafire.com/…/xrv3bpan0…/Kooky+-+Gift+Vol.1.zip

A few weeks back I found this rising artist during one of my usual twilight music raids. The skillful pianist caught my attention with his quintessentially Seoul Hip Hop production style. Whilst the instrumentals would sound perfectly at place with say San-E riding them , The Wayside Town boys bring a certain edge and defiance that the ‘Show Me The Money’ Judge couldn’t deliver. The crew consists of rappers and vocalists Young V , Lil K (collectively sub unit ‘U.F.O Boyz’ ) , Jay Swink , Simba Zawadi, , Ovan , Loki & Urb Fisher . I  made a mental note then allowed the Sandman to whist me away to the land of Lexical dreams till a few days later , during daylight hours the heavily tattood Producer popped up on my timeline. An eagerness to discover where the nucleus of their sound came from led me to the ever charismatic Producer & Professional Engineer Kooky.  Finally I managed to leur Kooky away from the piano for an interview via Skype with the help of our beautiful  L.A.R.W translator Essie. So  L.A.R.W proudly introduces Kooky :

LEX : Wassup? Firstly an introduction. Where are you from and  what do you do?

Kooky : Hey! I’m from Seoul and i’m a Music Producer and Engineer. I used to do jazz but now i make hip hop & RnB.

LEX:  Your part of a crew called Wayside Town. How did you get the name.


Kooky: The name actually pre-dates me joining the group. It was made up by the Lil K , who founded the crew initially. I came into the fold later on.


LEX:  How did you end up joining the guys ?


Kooky  : I’m cool with two artists called Super B and Myeondo. They were friends with the other crew members too and one night we met up for beers and whatever , then something clicked and i guess we just all started working together.


Essie (L.A.R.W Translator) :  Myeondo means shaving btw. (Giggles)


Lex: *Ponders*  Sick name. So you mentioned before that you used to make Jazz. What made you change?


Kooky : Jazz is the foundation of my music. It’s where i started but i  ended up here because I love the freedom Hip Hop and RnB give me to comment on real life situations and address whatever i’m experiencing or going through.


Lex: So who are your main influences?


Kooky: *Responds without any hesitation* Ray Charles.


Lex: So apart from him if you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be?


Kooky : Incognito & Brian Culbertson are both really incredible and have shaped my sound so much.


Lex: For those that are new to scene in your opinion what’s unique about Korean hip hop?


Kooky: Since Hip Hop came from the United States its influenced by it but is lyrically different. The difference in language gives us our own rhyming style and expression in general. We’re from a different place so what we do reflects that.

Lex: How do you feel about the return of Unpretty Rapstar an Show Me The Money in 2016?


Essie(L.A.R.W Translator): *Laughs* Oh boy!


Kooky : I’m neutral to be honest because there’s Pro’s and cons. The good thing about the shows is that they expose Hip Hop to the media but what’s not so good is that it’s ‘Hip Hop lite’. The subject matters and everything don’t really reflect the scene at large. I don’t see it as real Hip Hop but yeah , i can see the advantages and disadvantages.


Lex: What do you think the acquisition of AOMG & Hi-lite Records by CJ E&M mean for the scene?


Kooky : It’s OK , because overall the scene needs money to carry on growing.


Lex: What can we look forward to form yourself and Wayside Town?


Kooky: Wayside have a lot coming out this year both collectively and in terms of individual releases. But i’m looking to get Stateside for the end of 2016 so i can study and work with as many Artists as possible. I’m deciding between L.A , New York & Boston but i’m excited either way.


Lex: Thanks for your time Kooky! Peace!

Instagram: ps_wan
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tkddhksaos

Download Gift Vol.1  : http://www.mediafire.com/…/xrv3bpan0…/Kooky+-+Gift+Vol.1.zip


Soundcloud : Young V ( Wayside Town) Founder





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