Competition: Giriboy Prize Giveaway

Want a chance to win an Official Just Music beanie & poster  both signed by Giriboy himself?  Then answer one simple question! What song will Giriboy open the concert with on the 1st May @ Ace Hotel , Shoreditch? Do you think you’ve got the KHH intellect to know the first track of his setlist?

The competition is open to fans worldwide and Contestants may only submit one answer per person.  To enter please email and the subject  ‘Giriboy Giveaway’ and provide SNS details. The winner will be announced on the 3rd of May.

Good Luck


LARW News 26th April 2016

Lex updates on Zion t and Zico being spotted filming an episode for Taxi , Carson Daly shouting out Epik High following their performance at Cochella festival and Jessie on compliments Song Hye Kyo TV show Unnies.





twitter – @DRUGSTEPdayzer

Jet Gryphin is in my humble opinion one of the most exciting hip hop producers you will find anywhere on the internet yet alone Japan. His melodic , female friendly trap sound often laced with the distorted samples of re-loading firearms offer a perfect absurdity to the world of Asian hip hop. Come and see what happened when we caught up with the man himself. Producers are notoriously quiet and enigmatic. Jet Gryphin fits the mould perfectly:

Lex:  How did you get into production?

Jet Gryphin :  My business is freelance.I really want to big contract.

Lex : What the local scene in Japan? Is it united with everyone trying to work together to better the scene or is there alot of beef & battling?

Jet Gryphin : Sometimes i feel danger but It’s exciting.

Lex:  How do you feel about Kohh being the most known Japanese artist globally. Is he a good ambassador ?

Jet Gryphin : I want him to be active in all over the world.I want him to keep a liberal way of living too.He wanna be living legend….

Lex : Who’s your dream collaboration?

Jet Gryphin :  I want to collaborate with T-Pain ,Skrillex ,Jasmine,CL,PSY,Mayuko Kawakita,and Hikakin.

Lex : Your latest track Pain Killer is a banger. How did you end up working with the vocalists?

Jet Gryphin :  I approached them about it because I felt a chance when they followed me on twitter and soundcloud.

Lex:  I notice alot of your music has vocals in English. Is that a conscious choice?

Jet Gryphin :  Yes.I love music in English so sometimes I choose English. It’s a buffer for my Japanese lyrics.

Lex:  What makes Japanese Hip Hop different from scenes elsewhere in Asia , especially Korea?

Jet Gryphin: The Japanese hiphop scene is too small but that has a lot of advantages.

Lex : Japan’s most known for anime. Does that help or hinder the Japanese Hip Hop Brand?

Jet Gryphin :  I think that is good.I want to see Gangsta Otaku Rapper.

Lex :  What can we expect from you in the near future?

Jet Gryphin :  I will be at the Eye of a typhoon.



Exclusive : Owen Ovadoz Video Interview

After a long wait , here’s the exclusive Interview with Owen Ovadoz at the MKIT RAIN Records first event in Seoul, ‘First Class’. Here Owen speak on working with Illionaire’s The quiett , turning down SMTM5 and his favorite foods from his home cities.  Thank you to LARW camera operator ㄱlottie and of course MKIT Rain Records and Owen for making it possible.