LARW INTRODUCING : Killer Whale Records

Every now and again us bloggers come across something online that simply excites us beyond words. The teaser to Killer Whale’s debut track ‘ The Mirror’ was one of such moments. LARW tracked down label CEO and artist Tygy along with Balko & Zite to learn a little more.

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Lex – What does Killer Whale stand for as a brand in 3 words?

Tygy – Ok. So maybe not 3 words ,  but phrases. They’re ‘trying new things’ , enjoyment & certainty.

Lex – Tell us about the new single The Mirror. What is it about?

Zite  – The song is about the difference between yourself and the person in the mirror almost like the difference between the image you show to the world and the reality of who you are.

Lex – It reminds me of a horror movie. How did you come up with the idea for the video?

Tygy – Well i’m a photographer that works in a studio. At the back of our studio theres this area which is really ruined and i always thought it looked cool , so when this came to together it felt natural to us it. It kinna captured what we wanted to say. Alot of the shots are on an  illegal building with a dangerous roof that you hardly ever see anymore but yeah it looked cool. We decided Zite should wear white as well to make you think of purity.

Lex – How did you meet the other artists on the song and how many other artists on your label?

Tygy – We’re planning on releasing more material soon. There’s a lot more of us but thats all i feel like saying right now. You’ll see! The singer Balko is actually my Girlfriend. At first i knew Zite on SNS and then i  saw her rapping and saw her getting better and better and decided to take her on.

Lex – How did you come up with the name ‘Killer Whale Records’?

Tygy – At first me and Balko (my girlfriend)  worked together and and slowly we got more artists together. It felt like we were in a Pod of Killer Whales. The interdependence , the strength , the togetherness it felt like the perfect metaphor. A lot of people have made a big deal about the fact that our name makes people think of ‘The Cohort’ so i just messaged Keith directly. He said he doesn’t even care and that we were so different no one could confuse us so i haven’t worried about it since. 

Lex – You’ve mentioned that you have several skills including graphic design  rapping & production. What did you develop 1st and whats the closest to your heart?

Tygy – Firstly I learnt piano because of my Mother. I Started Piano when i was young then photography came  in middleschool then when I got to school I wanted to make music again. I guess because of how long i’ve been doing it the closest thing to my heart is producing.

Lex – Whats the Hip Hop scene like in your hometown? Is there rivalry between different cities and neighbourhoods?

Tygy – Its competitive and you always have labels and crews that have tension , but as Koreans making Hip Hop , we stick together.

Lex What do you think of this seasons Unpretty Rapstar?

Zite – I think the girls are totally objectified. They’re are only sexy girls from the scene on the show. The program produces problems and promotes arguing and being hot rather than rapping. I feel like by being myself i can offer a different image for female rappers. 

Lex – What rappers are you listening to at the moment?

Tygy – Skrillex , Young Money  / Zite – Childish Gambino , Q-tip  / Balko –  Alicia Keyes 

Lex – Where do you see your label in a years time?

Tygy – I  think within three years we’ll catch up with the cooler new labels in the game like MKIT Rain & those guys.  We’re coming!

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