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Every now and again us bloggers come across something online that simply excites us beyond words. The teaser to Killer Whale’s debut track ‘ The Mirror’ was one of such moments. LARW tracked down label CEO and artist Tygy along with Balko & Zite to learn a little more.

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Lex – What does Killer Whale stand for as a brand in 3 words?

Tygy – Ok. So maybe not 3 words ,  but phrases. They’re ‘trying new things’ , enjoyment & certainty.

Lex – Tell us about the new single The Mirror. What is it about?

Zite  – The song is about the difference between yourself and the person in the mirror almost like the difference between the image you show to the world and the reality of who you are.

Lex – It reminds me of a horror movie. How did you come up with the idea for the video?

Tygy – Well i’m a photographer that works in a studio. At the back of our studio theres this area which is really ruined and i always thought it looked cool , so when this came to together it felt natural to us it. It kinna captured what we wanted to say. Alot of the shots are on an  illegal building with a dangerous roof that you hardly ever see anymore but yeah it looked cool. We decided Zite should wear white as well to make you think of purity.

Lex – How did you meet the other artists on the song and how many other artists on your label?

Tygy – We’re planning on releasing more material soon. There’s a lot more of us but thats all i feel like saying right now. You’ll see! The singer Balko is actually my Girlfriend. At first i knew Zite on SNS and then i  saw her rapping and saw her getting better and better and decided to take her on.

Lex – How did you come up with the name ‘Killer Whale Records’?

Tygy – At first me and Balko (my girlfriend)  worked together and and slowly we got more artists together. It felt like we were in a Pod of Killer Whales. The interdependence , the strength , the togetherness it felt like the perfect metaphor. A lot of people have made a big deal about the fact that our name makes people think of ‘The Cohort’ so i just messaged Keith directly. He said he doesn’t even care and that we were so different no one could confuse us so i haven’t worried about it since. 

Lex – You’ve mentioned that you have several skills including graphic design  rapping & production. What did you develop 1st and whats the closest to your heart?

Tygy – Firstly I learnt piano because of my Mother. I Started Piano when i was young then photography came  in middleschool then when I got to school I wanted to make music again. I guess because of how long i’ve been doing it the closest thing to my heart is producing.

Lex – Whats the Hip Hop scene like in your hometown? Is there rivalry between different cities and neighbourhoods?

Tygy – Its competitive and you always have labels and crews that have tension , but as Koreans making Hip Hop , we stick together.

Lex What do you think of this seasons Unpretty Rapstar?

Zite – I think the girls are totally objectified. They’re are only sexy girls from the scene on the show. The program produces problems and promotes arguing and being hot rather than rapping. I feel like by being myself i can offer a different image for female rappers. 

Lex – What rappers are you listening to at the moment?

Tygy – Skrillex , Young Money  / Zite – Childish Gambino , Q-tip  / Balko –  Alicia Keyes 

Lex – Where do you see your label in a years time?

Tygy – I  think within three years we’ll catch up with the cooler new labels in the game like MKIT Rain & those guys.  We’re coming! 




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Currency Exchange #3 : Giriboy + DJ SQ in London: Just Music Showcase

The UK’s run of incredible KHH artist’s is only flying upwards as Cult Of Ya bring another huge name to the our shores, fresh off the heels of an Illionaire road block .  The ‘Show Me The Money’ and Just Music star will be wowing the London fans with his easy K-pop influenced rap style. But of course that’s not all don’t forget to see his label mate DJ SQ also down at the Ace Hotel doing his thing. Please see below for all vital information:

Event Date : May 1 

On Sale :  Wednesday March 30 at 10AM GMT.

VIP Ticket Limited ( 50 ) – Includes Meet & Greet (Photo with Giriboy) / Official Just Music Beanie / Early Entry at 8:15PM.

Standard Ticket –  Regular Entry at 9PM.

8:15PM: VIP ticketholders entry
8:15 – 9PM: Meet & Greet with Giriboy
9PM: Standard ticketholders entry
9:15PM: DJ Illustrious One
11PM: Giriboy
12 – 2: DJ SQ + DJ Illustrious One + party with Giriboy

Tickets – https://www.residentadvisor.net/event.aspx?820550

Facebook Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/465291933660677



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Lex : Everytime i’ve played Wa$a body in a party the crowd has got pretty rowdy. What is it about your music that brings out the crazy in people?

Gento : I try to put my emotions, life  and energy into my songs.  I don’t try to make music for everyone else’s taste it’s really just for mine but when people like the song it creates a synergy  and i guess that’s what brings out the  crazy in people.

Lex: In the artwork for both Wa$a body & Murda there’s guns and a lot of references to crime. Is that just art or are you reflecting what you’ve seen and experienced in real life?

Gento: I’m not in a gang or into crime or any illegal stuff its just metaphoric. There are a lot of people claiming to be rappers and it’s a metaphor for taking out the competition. For example the track Murda is a play on a Korean word (뭘 더) that sounds similar and actually means ‘what more’.

Lex: How did you get your name Gento?

Gento : My hometown is Milan Italy. In Italian  cento means 100 so i switched in the first letter of my name to make Gento. I was born in Italy and lived there until i was 12. There wasn’t much of  a Korean community there when i was young but since Kpop and 2002 world cup but there’s been a lot of interest and it has a community spirit

Lex: How did you come to meet Young Cream?

Gento : I met him when they were teens and went high school. We  were both in an online rapping club called ‘Genesis’  and then we met offline and due to our shared passion became pretty close.

Lex : What about G2, who you have an amazing track with?

Gento : I met G2 through a female rapper called Tem . She asked Gento for a feature and she thought it would be better if the track had more than one rapper on so she bought G2 along too. I saw G2 a few times before working together in the studio, he has a bright energy and always lights up the room.

Lex : What do you feel is your biggest musical achievement so far?

Gento : A few things but what stands out as one of the funnest is when last year August i was in a party which was held by a music video model ‘Skylar’ , she starred in Zico’s video Tough Cookie . I did a performance there and the reaction was so crazy. To make an impact like that in a room full of industry like that was pretty cool

Lex: Diss culture is becoming more standard in Korean Hip Hop. Have any rappers tried to cross that line with you and is there anyone you’d like to have a Drake Vs Meek Mills style back in forth with?

Gento : There hasn’t been anyone who has tried to diss me but if they do i know it’s my duty to defend myself. My boy Young Cream is a mean freestyler though.

Lex : Who’s your favorite Korean rapper right now?

Gento : There are a lot of rappers who are nice and have good songs and are dope but Masta Wu is the reason i started. He’s the bench mark i set myself against.

Lex: When are you releasing you an album / mixtape?

Gento : This Spring i’ll be dropping a mixtape with some 10 hot tracks including Wa$a Body.

Lex : What message have you got for fans of your music?

Gento : I want fans to enjoy my songs but whats more important is that i want people to know and learn hip hop culture and understand it and then enjoy the music after that. _________________________________________________________________

soundcloud.com/gentospit – Instagram
soundcloud.com/gento100/ – Soundcloud


E-SENS WINS Best Rap & Hip Hop Album 

Despite being incarcerated  for  cannabis use the former Supreme Team member  has won the accolade of Best Rap & Hip Hop album at the 13th KMA awards with– The Anecdote.

In 2014 he was sentenced to two years of imprisonment and a fine of 577,000 KRW (~$ 508 USD) for marijuana usage in 3 separate incidents, including smuggling.






E-SENS WINS Best Rap & Hip Hop Album