¥a Currency Exchange Show # 2: Dok2 & The Quiett



This concert felt like it marked the turning point for London as a Korean Hip Hop host  City. Fresh from the Hi-lite gig in late 2015 and with Rock Bottom peeking over the horizon, it seems that ‘The Big Smoke’ has made made a name for itself as a worthwhile destination for Korea’s rapping elite. There is a fair argument to say(don’t tell Keith) that Dok2 is the most prominent Korean rap artist globally ,regularly collaborating iconic producers such as DJ Mustard and the like. The excitement for the Illionaire  Euro run was tangible. With London , Paris Berlin & Madrid all on the hitlist before casually sauntering over to SXSW in Austin Texas the event felt like an early the leg of an Unofficial Illionaire (minus Beenzino) World Tour across.

The crowd, an interesting mix of Korean Diaspora , Kpop gyal overspill and East (London) Cool Kids hugged the walls the Laundry in hot anticipation of the headliner.The standout support act was Darq E Freaker , offering the crowd a balanced mix of energetic and dreamesque production to gear them for the main event. My personal Stand out track was don’t Freak out.

But the big surge of energy was saved for Dok2 himself alighting the stage. When the Seoul native dipped on to the stage with his sidekick donning a hat bearing the the cities name , the crowd roared to welcome the champion. After briefly welcoming the audience with a few brief words , he began making his way through his extensive back catalogue. The party launched into full effect however when he drew for a trademark hit enticing the crowd to scream “Two Chains & a M**** ******* rollie back at the stage whilst the Illionaire founder brandished jewelry.

As is now becoming a bit of a  custom for London KHH gigs security were forced to intervene a record breaking 3 times!!! Similarly to the Hi-lite gig the audience showed their appreciation by getting fully gassed and bouncing each other around to the rapid high hat soundtrack to the  point of risking injury to more delicate fans somewhere among the throng. Though for the most part this was good natured it did cause interruptions to the set much to the frustration of many in attendance and at one point required Dok2 to side with security and appeal to the crowd to move back.

The approximately 40 minutes set was bought to a close by The Quiett and Dok2 returning to the stage to repeated calls of ‘Oncore’ to offer one more recital of YGGR to the appease the  crowd before offering photos. The notoriously T-total and private Dok2 charmed London audiences with the ease. Although i  have been among the number who have criticised Dok2 for mimicking American rap too closely(along with Cheetah) ,i conceed that his performances are never lacking. There is something about the way which he calmly delivers navigating the stage with a steady pace and occasionally grinning to bare his grills that just draws you in. It’s the precision among the mayhem that makes him an interesting artist. The following day the duo were announced as SMTM5 judges giving I-fans the opportunity to get there weekly Illionaire fix for a fortnight or two. This certainly felt a great moment in his career to see Dok2 and an even better time to be in the Euro KHH Squad.



As Asian media behemoth CJ E&M takes ownership of a second Korean Hip-Hop label within only a matter of months many eyebrows across our fandom furiously furrow. On the 6th of January the company announced they had “acquired AOMG, today’s trendiest hip-hop label.” The wording of the statement is unlikely to have gone down too well with Jun Sang Hyun , A.K.A Paloalto , founder of legendary label Hi-lite Records who also merged his own label with the company months earlier.

A naive outsider might expect international fans to be excited at the prospect of increased tour budgets , shinee’er (pun intended) videos and generally seeing artistry played out on a grander scale but i assure you this isn’t the case. Responses on SNS have ranged from “why’s Jay doing this, AOMG don’t need anyone’s help” to pre-empted rage at the idea of Okasian transforming into a dance routine hammering , shiny suit wearing , Girls Generation collaborating ghost of his former self.

Owing to this Korean Hip Hop begins 2016 in somewhat new territory. CJ E&M arn’t the only ones throwing cash at the scene. Even YG have funded Teddy and Kush to begin an independant label under their umbrella. Sure , major labels have exhibited confidence in the culture’s ability to sell units , but never has so much capital been injected into so many underground brands in such a short period. To many hardened KHH fans this signifies the encroachment of corporate Korea into sacred lands. But to me this indicates the dawn of an exciting new era.

Whilst interviewing the owner of Cult of Ya , Hoon Gold for a documentary on the history of Korean Hip Hop the topic of “The Beef” as i like to call it came up. The L.A boy boasts responsibility for bringing a host of artists to the EU for a set of sold out shows spanning several countries including B-free , Okasian , Paloalto , Dok2 & The Quiett and even Kieth Ape’s muse Og Maco. As we sat in the avant gaurde West London Office, with rare British sunlight peeping through the windows, the immaculate fashion designer slash promoter appeared as if having just stepped off set. Covered in fresh to def attire from his own clothing brand, Hoon settled in his chair awaiting my first question.

“Hip hop in Korea is entering the mainstream and i can tell that just by looking at all the clubs and the events. Show’s like Show Me the Money are popular but they’re polarizing. The average fans just listen to whatever appeals to them but the industry don’t see it like that. The underground artists grinded from the bottom upwards. They had to hand out their CD’s and hustle it to get to where they are now. The idol artists are the result of having huge funds poured into them There’s a difference between the way that fans see these artists and the way these artists themselves see the whole hip hop scene. If you listen to Pop artists they’re lyrical content doesn’t have a message. They seem really, petty, you know first world problems.” When Exo’s wolf drops ‘I feel the sensation; I feel it at once. I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese’ one can see why idol’s lyrical prowess isnt always what they’re remembered for.

For as long as this generation of fans can remember , artists rapping in Hangul have been split starkly into two categories. Idols , characterized by squeaky clean raps , served on a bed of over produced instrumentals and a hot side of coordinated choreography. A legitimate criticism of these type of rappers is that they only started barring when some “INSERT LEAST FAVORITE MAJOR LABEL HERE” big wig told them to. Their role was simply to create the illusion of ‘edginess’ by mimicking the attitude and attire of the populist genre , often without understanding of the mask they wore clumsily. That being said genuine talents have emerged from the school most notably B-Block’s Zico. In the other camp you have your underground rappers. It’s important to understand that in this context underground means non major label manufactured more than anything else. The soundcloud grinding , Haeundae Beach battling backbone of the musical revolution. They dress , eat and breath this shit for real. Applying the strong Korean work ethic they strive in pursuit of the rags to riches tale told by many of their American heroes. Preferring a hooded swagger to hip grinding choreography the true flag bearers have long been overlooked in favour of more polished , better funded Pop stars.

This clash of tribes was well exemplified by B-free’s robust challenging of BTS. Sure that won him an onslaught of abuse from the Bangtang die hards but he prompted an important conversation. Is the nucleus of Korean Hip Hop really best viewed on Mnet and the like? Though the answer seems obvious , for many International K-pop fans this was the first time they’d been made aware that there was a whole class of rappers outside of glossy Idol Land.

Whilst the hostility across the divide is rabid and unrelenting at times it has has been born out of clear rationality. When a whole generation watches Epic High abandon everything that solidified their slot as pioneers only to churn out disposable, ringtone rap , many fans appalled , said screw the majors. Not to forget witnessing Tiger JK surf in and out of exploitative contracts and eventually forced to accept helping hands from artists they musically burped. Again many fans said screw the labels. But to be continually dazzled by these real injustices only blinds us to the changes in musical consumption happening all around us.

But soon our conversation flowed on into the rapidly changing views of Hip Hop by corporate Korea. “Hip Hop is becoming commercialized in idol culture. They’re realizing it sells , It goes hand in hand with culture and fashion and sometimes idols are being told to rap just for that reason. It’s similar to what some pop artists are doing out here to cash in on the popularity of EDM and the festival scene. For the next few years Hip Hop is going to be in the Korean mainstream for sure.The manufactured hip hop sounds are going to have to grow up though. When you have a look at Ken Rebel and The Cohort‘s collaborations Underwater Rebels that content looked so fresh and so different. Alot of hip-hop from the far east is really influenced by what’s happening out here but we’re all gonna mature out of this and find something more unique.

His point is extremely valid. How long could G-Dragon pass as an authentic voice for the scene with Dok2 and swings looming in the charts. It’s reminiscent of when Will Smith’s brand of sickeningly straight edged rap become redundant in the early – mid 2000’s. He tried to make a come back with a lame family friendly dance number called ‘Switch’ the same year 50 Cent dropped ‘Get rich or die trying.’ We didn’t care because our expectations and understanding of what a rapper was had evolved to be closer in line with that of the underground. Needless to say he was dropped by his record label like a sack of big eared potatoes as diluted rap was no longer required for a millennial mainstream audience.

There are cultural forces however that challenge rawer Hip Hop becoming as prominent as it is in the Western mainstream. With Confucianist  ideals running strongly through the veins of Korean society there has been understandable discomfort about the nature of some content. Fortunately the internet offers a way for fans to access music away from those it may offend. Theoretically this allows the scene to avoid the whole public N.W.A CD destroying phase that we experienced in the West during Hip Hop’s early years.

“Censorship doesn’t even matter Hoon sais” I mean E-sens has his issues so he came to the EU to record an album. Now days artists will find a way. Its not like when hip hop exploded in the states in the 80’s and 90’s and tele and radio were the gatekeepers. Monmae got banned from tele and still charted, right?”

When i was a kid and my evening’s were spent bootlegging music from the radio, i always wondered why Sony owned a record label but manufactured blank cassettes. It seemed so counter intuitive to my 9 year old mind. Eventually i grasped they understood that music piracy was inevitable and missing revenue wouldn’t benefit anyone but their rivals. Is it time for fans to view the situation for what it truly is. Labels aren’t throwing money at the Underground because they wish to alter it beyond recognition, it’s because if they don’t start paying attention to what’s swelling beneath their feet they’re at risk of becoming bystanders. Jay Park & Paloalto are in a position of power rarely held by artists. They can legitimately demand “ Work with us in a respectful fashion or we’ll carry on getting money without you “ CJ E&M have very little to gain from tinkering with winning formulas. If their treatment of Illionaire Records is anything to go by , they understand that candying up an already respected hip hop brand will compromise credibility and therefore profitability. Simultaneously Idols and their creators are being forced to reconsider what an Idol rapper sounds like due to the audiences increased awareness of the real deal. As the interview came to a close , Hoon casually threw an interesting prediction in the air. “Despite what people think i feel the tension between Idol and Underground is gonna get better. I personally think that we should all grow out of it. If you have a look Hip Hop wars used to be between factions , East Coast Vs West Coast and that bowled over in the 90’s. I’m just about good music and that’s what i think fans should concentrate on.” KHH fans would do well to remember that in the nation of the Mothership the likes of Universal have no issues simultaneously having The Game & Taylor Swift on their roster. Hip Hop globally prides itself on being rebellious so maybe i shouldn’t be so shocked at the reluctance to let go an outsider status. But if being honest the ground has been left supple by the steps of the Idols many have grown to resent. The only smart response is to exploit the groundwork of your rivals. As i blaze J-Hope’s 1 Verse for the 6th time consecutively the divide seems ever more arbitrary. The Great Idol Wall has it’s days numbers and CJ E&M just started the countdown. 10,9………..

SHIROSKY ; Talks New ‘La Lecture Album’ , KR Trap Wave & How To Say Her Name Correctly.



I’ve always been a  fan of acts like flying lotus, RJD2 and other instrumental hip hop artists. So naturally when i stumbled across parts of the ‘The Orbit’ album on a Sunday Lastfm music spree . i was delighted at what i heard. Her production merges Jazz , pop and Hip-Hop  in an elegant time honoured fashion, calling in help from MYK and the crew for vocals when it seems fitting. With  new album  ‘La Lecture’ having dropped earlier this month and her accompanying M/V’s blowing up 1theK we went for a catch up with the charming and mysterious Shirosky .

Interview (English & Korean)

Lex: Wassup , welcome to Lex’s Asian Rap World. Firstly ,  how did you come up with your name ?

Shirosky: My real name is “Hayan Yun” and Hayan means Color “white” .So, In Japanese Class, my nick name was “Shiro(Japanese)” means Color white”I was searching for name that can pronounce easily, So I Choose “Shiro” And added “Sky” That was my Favorite word. So When you call me, Please Call me “Shiro + SKY(Shiro Skai)” not Shiroski =

Lex: One thing that struck me about Seoul is that Jazz seems to be played everywhere. Your sound embodies that ambiance well.

Where abouts did you grow up and what artists shaped your development musically?

Shirosky: I’ve lived in Seoul,  Itawon for a long time, There is a center in seoul and there are a lot of foreigners.So I got a chance to experience a lot of music, cultures etc. The view of Mt.Namsan, Han River from my town is really fantastic.I think, all about my town is the material of my music.

My favorite musician in korea is pe2ny who is hip hop producer, I have been influenced by him, fortunately for me, he helped me to release my first debut album “The orbit” he has been my best mentor from old times.

Lex: How did you come to be a Jazz Hip Hop producer? How do you feel about the rise of newer styles of hip hop such as trap that influence artists like as Dok2 and The Cohort?

Shirosky: While i was playing the piano, mixing sounds that i like, I became a Jazz Hip-Hop producer naturally.  I never limited my genre. Infact, I love trap and Southern Hip-Hop also. As you know, it wasn’t a popular subgenre before, but now it’s the hot culture. So whenever I listen to them I feel excited , because it means that nowadays Koreans can accept new or fresh genres of hip-hop. I think this is an improvement for K-hiphop. K-hiphop will have more variety and I will try to study various elements in my music.

Lex: What’s the idea behind the album name ‘la lecture’ ?

Shirosky: I got inspiration from renoir’s ‘La lecture’. I really love renoir because he drew his pictures with a happy energy even though he had a tough life. I want to make music that makes people happy like he did, wherever I am.  So I tried to capture happy energy that i can express as soon as possible in [La lecture]. My album [La lecture] is dedicated to him.

Lex:  What’s your favourite track on the album ?

Shirosky: I am listening to Tie-dye, Empyrean, V repeatedly.but my most Meaningful track is ‘I’ll remember April’ I got inspiration from my friend who I Run with almost every morning.. I think that track is so lovely and best suited for my album [La lecture].


Lex: How did you and MYK meet? How did making a collab album differ from making a solo one?

Shirosky: MYK has helped me since my debut, We got to know each other through pe2ny.When we made ‘Empyrean’, We just worked like before and made the collaboration album ‘adaptation. I gave beats that fit him, and he made melodies and lyrics accordingly.

Lex: I’ve not noticed you don’t tend to be in front of the camera very much. Is it because you prefer to let the music speak for itself?

Shirosky:Nono, I was shy at first .. but now i am okay.  I’m getting used to it now

Lex:  Your videos are highly captivating. What are the concepts behind each the  1.Empyrean / 2.Rainboots / 3.from earth / 4.i’ll remember april and 5.Tie dye Music videos for the album?

Shirosky: Music video team(Block Heads Lab) and I focussed on ‘naturalness’. So my music video features my friends(not model because renoir drew people around him instead of a professional model), in my friend’s place (coffee shop, boxing stage..etc).We tried to express  ‘naturalness’ and ‘real life’ in the M/V. Block Heads Lab  is so fantastic and ‘Tie dye’ was made by students in daegu university. I also really love ‘Tie dye’ .

Empyrean : Young men life

Rain boots : Sad love

From earth : Mystery door

I’ll remember april : Shirosky’s life with my friends

Tie dye : Emptiness Behind Splendor

Lex: How do you feel about the recent attention Korean hip hop got abroad following the release of Keith Ape’s viral video  It G Ma?


Shirosky: Keith Ape is so fantastic, even though ‘It G Ma’ had korean lyrics, it received acceptance by listeners all over the world. i think, it means now Overseas fans can receive good various music no matter what a musician’s nationality rather call it ‘keith ape’s effect’

Lex:  Do you consider appealing to a  western audience when you create music? Where abroad would you like to perform?

Shirosky:Since my debut, I’ve got so much feedback from Western fans, naturally, I was influenced by them, and I communicate with them. Especially, I have a fans from United kingdom(adaptation was released in U.K) and France. I want to go there to greet them!

Lex: Do you ever feel disadvantaged being a female in such a male dominated genre?

Shirosky:Not at all =)

Lex: Is instrumental Hip Hop becoming more popular?

Shirosky:Instrumental hiphop music belongs to a fringe group in the Korean music scene.But it is evolving with local culture more than it used to be.I think it will be more popular soon but it’s okay if not.

Lex: How positive do you feel shows such as Show me the Money 4 & Unpretty Rapstar 2 are for the development of Korean Hip Hop?

Shirosky:I feel thankful because it creates an opportunity for underground rappers who didn’t have the opportunity to appear on stage. and personally, I think that those programs affect korean hiphop’s generational shift.

Some people say that that these programs standardize k-hip hop scene “Trap, Diss culture..” but I don’t care about it because Korean musicians and Fans will find another way soon.

Lex: Who are your all time musical heroes?

Shirosky:Pe2ny, Kanno Yoke, Fantastic Plastic Machine, Nujabe

Lex: What Korean  artists are you listening to at the moment?

Shirosky:  I am listening to Shinee’s Music. I think they have not only popularity but also a  great artistic value.

Lex: What international acts are you listening ?

Shirosky: I am digging animation OST, I love Kanno Yoke who is Japanese. I often listen OST “Zankyou no Terror.”

Lex: Where can we buy your album?

Shirosky: This album, I am direct selling my new physical CD in South Korea, if you want to purchase it, please send me a DM on (Facebook, instagram,  twitter etc.) =) and you can download the digital album [la lecture] from my bandcamp


It’s the same mastered files with physical CD(15 tracks)

Lex: Whats next for Shirosky?

Shirosky: While I am doing activity with my la lecture album, I will be on stages,  djing, and making new tracks for musicians who joined  me through out this album. I want to show fans something positive and interesting.

Lex: Thank You , Shirosky.

Scroll down to check out the latest M/V’s.

twitter  @shiroskyy


이름은 어떻게 지으신 건가요?

제 본명은 윤하얀이고, 하얀은 하얀색을 뜻합니다.

그래서 일본어 수업에서 제 별명은 시로였어요. 시로는 일본어로 하얀색이죠!^^

마침 저는 발음하기 쉬운 이름을 찾고 있었기때문에 Shiro를 선택했고, 거기에 제가 제일 좋아하는 단어인 SKY를 붙였어요.

저는 시로스키가 아니라, 시로스카이라고 발음해주셔야합니다.

서울에 대해 한 가지 놀란 점은 도시 어디를 가나 재즈가 흐르는 것 같다는 것입니다. 당신의 음악은 그 분위기를 잘 담아내고 있습니다.

당신은 어디에서 성장했으며 어떤 음악가가 당신의 음악적 형상을 발전시켜 주었나요?

저는 오래도록 서울 이태원에서 살고있어요. 이태원은 서울의 중심이기도 하고 외국인들이 많아서 다양한 문화와 음악을 듣고 체험할 기회가 많았어요.

우리동네에서 보는 한강과 남산은 정말 환상적이기도 해요. 저는 정말 저희 동네 모든 것이 제 음악의 재료라고 생각해요.

제가 제일 한국에서 좋아하는 뮤지션은 프로듀서 페니인데, 저는 제가 어릴적 이 동네로 이사올때부터 그에게 영향을 많이 받았어요.

운이 좋게도 제 데뷔 앨범을 제작해주시기도 하셨고요. 지금도 제가 제일 따르는 멘토이기도 해요.

어떻게 재즈 힙합 프로듀서가 되었나요? 도끼, 씨잼, 더 코홀트와 같은 음악가들에게 영향을 준 트랩 등의 새로운 힙합 스타일의 부상에 대해 어떻게 생각하시나요?

재즈힙합 프로듀서가 꼭 되어야지라고 음악을 만든 것은 아닌데, 내가 좋아하는 사운드를 섞고 자유롭게 만들다보니 자연스럽게 재즈힙합의 범주로 들어온 것 같아요.

트랩도 사우스 계열 힙합도 정말 많이 좋아하고, 들으면 속이 시원해지는 걸 느끼는데. 새로운 힙합 스타일이 떠오르고 또 바뀌고 하는 걸 보니, 한국 힙합도 많이 발전한 것 같아서 참 기분이 좋아요. ㅎㅎ 언젠가 그런 스타일의 요소도 내가 만드는 재즈힙합에 섞어 보고 싶어요.

앨범 이름 ‘La lecture’ 이면에는 어떤 사연이 있나요?

르느와르가 비교적 행복한 시절에 그렸던 작품인 책 읽는 소녀라는 작품을 모티프로 두었는데, 저에게 2015년이 그랬어요.

마음껏 음악을 할 수 있어서 즐거운 시간이었거든요. 제가 표현할 수 있는 최고의 행복과 아름다움을 앨범에 담아보고 싶었어요.

르느와르를 존경하는 이유는, 그의 삶이 평탄하지 않았는데도 불구하고 행복한 에너지를 주는 그림을 그렸다는 건데-

저도 어떠한 모습으로 살건 좋은 에너지를 대중들에게 주고 싶어요. 그래서 그에게 바치는 이 앨범을 만들게 된거지요!

이 앨범에서 가장 마음에 드는 트랙은 무엇입니까?

Tie-dye, Empyrean을 가장 많이 듣는편이긴 하지만

함께 달리기를 하는 동네 친구에게 영감을 받아 만든 I’ll remember april이라는 트랙이 제겐 가장 의미가 깊어요.

사랑스러운 느낌이 있고, 이번 앨범의 컨셉과도 가장 잘 맞는것같아서.

MYK와는 어떻게 만나셨나요? 콜라보레이션 앨범은 솔로 앨범과 어떤 식으로 다르게 만드셨나요?

MYK는 데뷔때부터 제게 도움을 주셨던 분이세요. 페니오빠의 소개로 알게 되었죠!

콜라보레이션과 솔로앨범의 작업방식은 특별히 다른건 없었어요. 그냥 제가 오빠에게 맞는 비트를 주면, 오빠가 그에 맞게 가사나 멜로디를 만들어와서 붙여주시는 방식이었죠.

저는 당신이 카메라 앞에 서는 것을 꺼려한다는 것을 몰랐습니다. 음악 자체로 말하는 것을 더 선호하기 때문인가요?

꺼려하지 않아요.^^ 처음에는 부끄러움을 많이 타서 그런거였는데, 이제는 많이 익숙해지고있어요. ^^

당신의 뮤직 비디오는 매우 매혹적입니다. 앨범 트랙 1.Empyrean / 2.Rainboots / 3.from earth / 4.i’ll remember april 그리고 5.Tie dye 뮤직 비디오의 콘셉트는 무엇인가요?

뮤직비디오 팀과 상의했던것은 ‘자연스러움’에 있었어요. 각기 앨범 자체에 맞는 한국의 젊은이들의 소재들을 표현하되, 가급적 편집을 배제하고 ‘자연스럽게 가자’라는 것에 있었어요. 전문모델대신 주위 인물들을 모델로 사용했던 르느와르의 작법을 따라서, 저희도 그렇게 표현하려고 굉장히 많은 노력을 했고 실제로도 저희 친구들과 그들이 머무는 친구들의 장소(커피샵, 복싱장)들이 모두 등장하고 있어요. 블락헤즈랩이라는 팀인데, 정말 유능하고 멋지다고 생각해요.

Empyrean : young men life

Rain boots : Sad love

From earth : mystery door

I’ll remember april : Shirosky’s life with my friends

Tie dye : Emptiness behind splendor

키스 에이프의 바이럴 동영상 잊지마(It G Ma) 출시 이후 최근 해외에서 보이는 한국 힙합에 대한 관심에 대해 어떻게 생각하시나요?

키스에이프는 정말 상상초월인것같다. ㅎㅎ 한국어로 만들어졌음에도 불구하고 정말 음악으로 많은 사람들에게 인정받은 것 같아서 대단하다고 생각한다.

그런데 키스에이프의 활약자체가 외국 뮤지션들의 관점을 한국 힙합으로 끌어왔다고 하기보다는, 해외의 팬들이나 뮤지션들이 다양한 음악들을 찾아듣고 국적이 어디에서 왔다고 하더라도 좋은 음악들을 좋아해주는 분위기가 된 것 같다고 나는 생각한다.

음악을 만들 때 서양 팬들에게 어필하는 것도 고려하십니까? 해외에서 공연하고 싶은 나라는 어디입니까?

데뷔때부터 서양팬들에게로부터 받는 피드백이 참 많았다. 당연히 나 또한 그들의 영향을 받았고 많은 교류 또한 하고 있다.

특히 내게는 영국과 (어뎁테이션이 영국에서 발매되었으므로.) 프랑스에서 가장 팬이 많은데, 꼭 가서 인사드리고 싶다.

남성이 장악하고 있는 장르에서 여성으로서 불이익을 느끼신 적이 있나요?

Not at all =)

인스트루멘탈 힙합이 더욱 인기를 끌고 있나요?

아직도 여전히 인스트루멘탈힙합은 비주류 장르이지만, 로컬 문화 사이에서는 예전보다 많이 발전하고 있다.

인스투르멘탈 힙합의 움직임도 분명 살아날 것 이라고 생각한다.

하지만 꼭 그렇지 않다고 해도 나는 괜찮다.

쇼미더머니 4 & 언프리티 랩스타 2와 같은 프로그램이 한국 힙합 발전에 어떤 긍정적인 영향을 미친다고 생각하시나요?

무엇보다도 설 무대가 없었던 랩퍼들에게 무대를 제공해주고

그들이 활약할 수 있는 기회를 만들어준 것에 감사하다.

개인적으로는 그 프로그램들이 힙합의 세대를 젊은 세대층으로 바꾸어주는데에

영향을 주었다고 생각한다. 쇼미더머니가 힙합 장르를 트랩이나 디스 획일화 시켰다는 지적도있지만, 대중들과 우리나라 뮤지션들은 분명 또 다른 길을 찾아낼 거라고

나는 생각해서 크게 우려하지 않는다.

지금껏 당신의 음악적 영웅 누구인가요?

Pe2ny, Kanno yoke, Fantastic plastic machine, nujabes

요즘 한국 음악가들 중 누구의 음악을 듣고 있나요?

샤이니는 정말 다채롭고 수준이 높은데다가 대중성도 있어서 참 좋아한다.

듣고 있는 국제적 음악 작품은 무엇인가요?

최근 애니메이션 OST들을 수집하고 있다. 칸노요코를 좋아하는데,

잔향의 테러라는 애니메이션의 OST를 최근 열심히 듣고있다.

당신의 앨범을 어디서 구입할 수 있나요?

이번 앨범은 직접 판매하고 있어서 내 SNS 계정으로 연락하면 누구든 구입할 수 있다.

피지컬 앨범 구매가 힘들다면 밴드캠프https://shirosky.bandcamp.com/album/la-lecture 로 들어오면 15트랙 마스터 파일 그대로를

다운로드 받을 수 있다.

앞으로 시로스카이의 계획은 어떻게


이번 앨범 활동을 하면서, 디제잉으로 공연을 하고, 이번 앨범에 참여해준 피쳐링진들의 음악들을 만들어줄거다. 그 다음엔 새 앨범을 계획할지 아니면 또 다른 프로젝트를 기획할지 아직 확실하지 않지만, 다양하고 재미있는 모습을 팬들에게 많이 보여주고싶다.

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